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LadyKin Affinitic Whitening Moisturizer 5ml(Travel size)


LadyKin Affinitic Whitening Moisturizer 5ml(Travel size)

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  • Effects of Clean, Dewy, Moist-full Yams!


  • Plant-based ingredients obtained from yams similar to snail secretion filtrate!


  • Prevents dry, rough skin by protecting it from external environment and forming a water veil on the skin surface.


  • Keeps the skin soft, smooth and shiny by preventing or improving damaged skin.


  • Bamboo leaf extract, as a skin whitening agent, keeps the skin healthy bright, clean and clear from the inside out.


  • Extracts of green tea, hinoki cypress and pine needle are effective for purifying the skin and tightening enlarged pores.


  • Yam extract, as a natural moisturizer, replenishes brittle, rough skin with sufficient moisture.


  • How to Use:


  • After washing your face, gently dab the proper amount of the cream on entire face until absorbed.


  • Pack Size - 100ml

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