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NoTS Robust Black Essence for Man


NoTS Robust Black Essence for Man

$ 29.00

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Men’s skincare with better beginning, Starting essence

Starting care essence for men’s skin
It moisturizes skin from deep inside by delivering concentrated plant essence to tired skin. As a functional product filled with natural ingredients essential to skin, it softly soothes troubled skin amid stress, enhancing the absorption and effects of nutrients.

Moisture power with abundant energy!
The first step after face washing! ‘Panthenol’ enriched with moisture and nutrients and ‘thorny bamboo extract’ are delivered to dry men’s skin, being absorbed fast and light. On the suface, it forms skin protection films against external stimuli with intensive moisture supply. At the same time, it retains moisture inside the skin, keeping it clear and vibrant with smooth circulation-based energy.

Enhancing skin conditions!
Containing ‘oak tree extract’ and ‘juniper extract,’ patented vegetable ingredients, and ‘taurine’ that promotes skin vitality, it deals with men’s complex skin problems promptly. Frequent shaving and harmful external stimuli can cause skin damage, dead skin cells, large pores, and wrinkles. It adds resiliency and vitality to skin with intensive moisturization, anti-wrinkle effect, and whitening effect.

Low-irritation formula that comforts skin!
It makes your skin glow with no irritants such as parabens, synthetic surfactant, steroid, phthalate, and pigment.

Main Ingredients

Bambusa Arundinacea Stem Extract  Sebum control

Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract Moisturizing

Lime Fruit Extract Sebum control

Centella Asiatica Extract Strengthen skin barrier

Thyme Extract Soothing



After shaving and washing, dispense an appropriate amount on your palm and use fingers to gently spread on your face and neck along the skin texture.

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